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Energy Saving Habits That Will Save You Money

I am sure you remember as a child being asked if you were “born in a barn” by your mother. So why is this important? The reason is there are many small, even simple energy saving habits we can incorporate into our daily living that can improve our energy usage. We really don’t have to do much of anything except change some habits.

What you really need to do is get yourself into doing some new habits and before long you will notice changes. While one small thing like switching a light off isn’t going to make much difference on your bill. On the other hand combining this with other good habits will give you some real improvement in quick order.

So here are some really good habits that, if you put them into practice, will give you some great energy saving benefits.

 energy saving habitsAppliance Use
First, let’s look at how you use your appliances. Certain appliances generate heat more than others. The oven or cook top as well as your washer and dryer are the major ones.
During the summer months, whenever possible, use these during the cooler parts of the day. By using them in the morning or in the evening, you will minimize your air conditioning from having to kick on. By using them during the day your air conditioning unit will have to work harder using more energy and therefore costing you more.
During the winter, using them early or late in the day will help you to keep your home warmer in the coldest times of the day. This also will keep your furnace from having to work as hard and therefore use less energy.

Cook Tops
Electric cook tops can be a problem if you’re trying to save energy. They use quite a bit of electricity to cook effectively. One thing to minimize the energy used is to make sure you are using the right size burner for the pot you are using.
Another thing is to make sure the bottom of your pan is flat. Pots that have rounded bottoms have less surface area actually touching the cook top. This will cause it to take longer to heat up and therefore use more energy to cook the same meal.
If you have a gas stove, keep the surfaces cleaned. Also keep the carbon build up around the actual pilots clean as well. The cleaner they are the better they will work. If they are working better they will use less gas for cooking thus lowering your costs.

 energy saving habitsWashing Clothing
First of all, when washing your clothes only run full loads of laundry. By just washing a few items, you are simply wasting energy.
Another idea is to wash your clothes with cold water detergent. These detergents work well in cold water, meaning you don’t have to use as much hot water for doing your laundry. In this way you lessen the demand on your hot water heater and therefore lower your energy costs significantly.

 energy saving habitsAnother thing is to make sure that the weight of the clothes be taken into consideration. By washing and drying like weights together can reduce the amount of time some items need to be in the dryer. For example, if you wash towels together, which require longer periods of time to dry, you can save energy when you wash light weight t-shirts.
You need to keep your washer and dryer working their best. With the dryer there are two things to do. First, clean the interior flint filter after every load. This allows the clothes to dry faster. Second, clean the pipe that runs from the dryer to the outside wall every six months for optimal use.

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