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Which Water Filter Will Work Best for You

Water keeps you healthy, energized, alert, hydrated and looking good, and experts recommend that you drink a lot of it each day — and even more when you are physically active, have an illness, are pregnant or live in a hot environment. But people are becoming more and more concerned about what is in their drinking water. As a result water filters and filtration systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the country. Safety is one concern, but taste is another problem that water filters address. With all of the reasons you have to drink plenty of water, a home water filtration system can be a sound investment.

Water FiltersThe type of water filter you chose will be based upon a few factors.

If you own your home you can pretty much install any water filter you chose.
If you do not own your home then you are limited to water filters that are non-evasive or easily removed.
There are hundreds of makes and models that determine the costs which can vary from under $100 to over $1000.
The amount and type of filtration also varies from filter to filter. The two most common and practical types of water filter systems on the market today are carbon filters and reverse osmosis systems. These different types of filters are available to remove many different types of contaminates and sediment from water.

Charcoal-based water filters are also known as granular activated carbon filters. They’re the most common and are dependable, economical, and, if they carry a micron level of 1 or smaller, will filter out the majority of the contaminants. They’re also effective in deodorizing water. But carbon water filters become less effective over time. Since carbon filters collect the unwanted contaminants and debris, it’s important to change the filter regularly to insure its effectiveness.

The following are the most common types of water filters available.

1. Whole house water filters
are attached to the main water line that comes into the house. This type of water filter removes contaminants from all the water entering your home. A whole house system is good for removing particles like rust and sediment as well as all the other types of contaminants.

Water Filters2. Under sink water filters
come in a variety of styles. There are filters that take multiple cartridges or only one. Each type of under sink filter is designed to remove different contaminants. Some may only remove particles while others may have additional cartridges to remove odors and taste problems. These can be bought according to the particular needs based on the contaminants in your water. Obviously this type only filters the water going to the area where the filter is installed.

Water Filters3. Faucet mounted water filters
are easy to install and remove. For mounting these simply screw onto the faucet. There are a variety of types of filters which can be chosen based upon the contaminants in your water. Again they only filter the water coming out of the faucet where it is installed.

4. Pitcher water filters
are the simplest form of water filter. These filters are basically just a pitcher with a filtration system in the lid. Water is poured in, goes through the filter to the reserve tank (pitcher bottom) and then can be consumed. The only water filtered is what is put in the pitcher.

When looking to invest in a water filtration system you’ll want to consider what your budget will allow. Your needs and the contaminants in your water will help you decide which water filter will work best for you.

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